When you have a conflict you would like to solve it as quickly as possible. Everyone prefers a good living and working relationship to legal procedures. Involving a lawyer or going to court usually takes up a lot of time, energy and money. In addition a legal ruling is not always the (best) solution. There is another possibility: mediation.

Mediation is quick, oriented towards the future and informal. Often mediation leads to more creative solutions which put the interests of all parties involved first.

  • Disagreement about work done on your website by a supplier?
  • Do you have a conflict with your boss about the cooperation in your department?
  • Not satisfied with your IT services supplier?
  • Do you have a labor dispute with your employer/employee?
  • Someone has called in sick because of a disagreement at work?

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Surely you would like to do something about this as soon as possible.

Especially in those cases where you want to or need to continue to work together. For almost every quarrel or conflict a solution exists which is acceptable to all parties involved. Often however tension has run so high that parties are blind to this solution. Mediation can change this.

In a mediation you yourself will solve the problem together with the party you have a conflict with. An independent mediator will help you do this. He will restart the communication, guide the conversations and support the process. The mediator will help the parties who have the conflict to find a solution.

Click here for the wikipedia page on mediation.

A conflict is a matter of the mind.
If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
Mark Twain

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