Once after a first introduction (by telephone), mediation and the process are clear and the parties involved decide to start a mediation, a first joint meeting will be scheduled on neutral territory.

mediation puzzle chains web no-headerIn the first mediation meeting a mediation agreement will be signed. In this agreement parties agree to solve the matter at hand using mediation. The NMI regulations are applicable to this agreement. The agreement describes when the mediation starts, what the process looks like (secrecy and confidentiality) and what the ground rules are for the parties involved and the mediator. This is the foundation for a safe atmosphere in which all parties can freely talk to each other.

After this step the mediation itself starts. Everyone involved gets a chance to tell their story. Communication which is stuck can be activated again and the underlying interests of all parties can be brought to the surface.

Once it is clear what each parties goals are a next phase can start in which solution are sought which support the true interests of the various parties. Each party can think things through thoroughly before taking any decisions. Finally decisions can be laid down in a settlement document.

The mediation can then be concluded. On average a mediation takes 2 to 3 sessions.

A conflict is a matter of the mind.
If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
Mark Twain

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